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In the Gallery today...

Daniel Heifitz


Erin by Daniel Heifitz

 "Erin" by Daniel Heifitz    

What I mean by "Digital Print"

I use the term to describe an image which uses binary as a medium. The image starts as a physical drawing or painting. Almost all my drawings are in charcoal or pastel on paper, the paintings oil on canvas. I then scan or photograph them creating an initial digital description. Some of these I put up on flickr at that point, so as an image there is no difference (in an informational sense) from the original object. Most often however, I work the image using Photoshop using a variety of techniques, creating a new binary work, which I then post as a "digital print". Sometimes the change from the original is simply to give the charcoal image a monochrome cast, one that makes it look better (to my eye) on a computer monitor: