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In the Gallery today...

Hank Leibowitz

Hank Leibowitz is a lifelong resident of Montgomery County, Maryland.  He earned a degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland in College Park.  Following graduation, Hank first continued his studies of human nature as a bartender and poker player before beginning his career as a human resources professional.  Since his college days Hank’s primary photographic interest has been in landscapes, with a particular love of the U.S. and Canadian West.  Since switching from slide film to digital in 2005, Hank’s work has blossomed.  He has a keen interest in exploring the world of macro photography, finding a fascination in flowers, plants and insects – perhaps not too distant subject matters from his initial post-graduate years.  Recently, in trips to France and Italy, Hank has concentrated on the world of color – with a dash of humor – as he has turned his focus on the Old World’s cityscapes.


Hank Leibowitz Photography  Hank Leibowitz Photography 
 Hank Leibowitz Photography  Hank Leibowitz Photography