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In the Gallery today...

Judy Brown

An accomplished botanical artist and member of the ASBA and the BASNCR, Judy also teaches painting at Art Partners in Clarksville Maryland and at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton Maryland.  Judy's work reflects her love of nature, as well as her training as a scientist and teacher.  Her work is available at Art Partners as cards and prints.  Call about the availability of original botanical and wildlife watercolors.

Consider asking her to do a special  commission! 

Judy has executed several botanical commissions and pet portraits.

She writes of herself, “I majored in Botany as an undergraduate and have a passion for botanical art. I studied with Margaret Saul, Renata Collins, Merri Nelson, Kandy Vermeer Phillips and Liz Stafford. My paintings celebrate the joy plants bring to my life. I enjoy helping students study plants from an artistic perspective. I am a founding member of the BASNCR and a member of the ASBA.”  The images below are available as matted prints. Please contact Art Partners at 410-531-5366 for information on purchasing a print.

Beebalm by J. BrownAtlas Moth by J. BrownAmarylis by J. BrownSea Turtle by J. BrownBlue hydrangeaBlue pumpkinBird of ParadisePenguin by J. BrownGoldfinch on Thistle by J. BrownNautilus by J. BrownMushroom by J. BrownPeeled sunshine by J. BrownIris by J. BrownPerfect Pea by J. BrownSnowdrops by J. BrownStewartia by J. BrownTrillium small by J. BrownWhole eggplant by J. Brown