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In the Gallery today...

Melinda Byrd of Byrdcall Studio

Melinda Byrd, a self-taught artist, delights in working in a wide variety of media and is not limited by conventional use of materials.

Monarch Butterfly hand colored woodcut by Melinda ByrdBlackbirds Woodcut by Melinda ByrdThe WoolieWestie by Melinda Byrd

Melinda says "In life I have two main passions: Art and Nature. I spent about 20 years of my life focusing on sharing nature with others, but since 1999 I have focused on my love of creating art. I enjoy painting in acrylics for the exhilaration of painting fast and spontaneously, but I get a real charge out of carving images in wood or linoleum for printmaking. Sometimes, I enhance a print with watercolor paints. Sometimes I take a watercolor sketch and turn it into a design for a Scandinavian rya rug. I don’t limit myself to one medium even though I am often told I should. The multitude of skills keep me forever learning and taking on new challenges."

You can find more of Melinda's work at 

Here is a bit more about her:

“Melinda Byrd grew up in a tradition-rich community of New England where she was introduced to art and craft by her artist-inventor grandfather.

 Sketching “essence of life and movement” filled dozens of her sketchbooks. Her dual passions in life-nature and art-led her on a career as a park ranger in Colorado and as a naturalist and Environment Education facility manager in Maryland. Yet she constantly experimented in the arts finding joy in creating with various materials: wood, wool, canvas, paper, glass, and more unconventional media.

 As a born naturalist, she has also enjoyed hundreds of classes (as teacher or student): hikes lectures, and hands-on experiences relating to nearly every form of natural history. Nature is a recurring theme throughout her work-her way of sharing her love of nature with others.

 Today she has left her 9-5 job and become a full-time artist. Byrdcall Studio was the reply to the calling. Her artistic endeavors now include painting, woodcut and linocut printmaking, sign carving, Scandinavian rya rug making, and nature illustration. She teaches art classes through the Carroll County Arts Council, Carroll Community College, Claudia Mayer Cancer Resource and Image Center, and her home studio.

 Melinda Byrd currently lives in Woodbine, Maryland with her husband and dog. She enjoys exploring the out-of-doors, brewing her own beer, cross-country skiing, and tending to her gardens."