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Do you wish you could "see" your frame choices before you made your final selection? At Art Partners we use state-of-the-art computer software to preview what a framed piece of work will look like, before you order. 

At no extra cost, we photograph your artwork, along with options for mats and frames. Then, we use the computer to arrange the chosen mats and frames around your piece. It enables you to visualize what your completed piece will look like and eliminates any guessing. You'll  feel more comfortable and confident with your framing selections.

See the photos below to get a better idea of how it works.

Select mats and framesSelect frames and mats Samples of frames and mats We can compare two designs at the same time
We work with you to select mats and frames that enhance your artwork.  Above the table is our computer camera. We 'll take a series of pictures; of the art, of the mat or mats and of each of the frame samples. We can try lots of combinations. The software puts it all together on the monitor screen.  We can try all kinds of combinations until we reach the perfect package.  Come in for a demo today!