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In the Gallery today...

Rana Geralis

Pastels, oils and watercolors by Rana Geralis.  We love her equestrian work and florals including notecards and original paintings.

“Born in the beautiful countryside near Lynchburg, VA, Rana Geralis was exposed to the beauty of nature at a very early age. This beginning has translated into a deep love and appreciation of the outdoors. Mrs. Geralis is a member of the Maryland Pastel Society, and the Art League in Alexandria, Virginia. Her work is also displayed at the Artist’s Gallery in Columbia, MD and is represented by Linda Quinones of the Quinones Gallery. She has won several awards in juried shows. Rana enjoys working in different mediums. Her most loved subjects are horses.”

Pair Horses by Rana GeralisGraphite horses by Rana GeralisHorses by Rana GeralisNotecard by Rana Geralis