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Shadow Boxes

Shadow Boxes for Memorabilia and Collectibles

Shadow boxes are truly One-of-a Kind. The epitome of customization, shadow boxes offer us the opportunity to mix three dimensional objects with two dimensional memorabilia to present your story.  There is a way to encase everything from WWII military medals for your grandfather, sport jerseys for your son, baby shoes of your grandchild, or a china doll for your daughter or souvenirs from the vacation of a lifetime. A shadow box can be very simple or it can incorporate rich fabrics and woods for a superbly elegant effect. Heirloom plates, spoon collections, coin collections, medals, and antique pistols are some examples of items that can be displayed in shadow boxes. Larger items, such as dolls, or an autographed football require display cases. Let us work with you to find the best way to display and protect just about any object in a shadowbox.

Fan box Parrish Medals

Custom shadow boxes come in a variety of shapes.

Honor a loved one's service with a commemorative shadow box
Randy Moss football jersey fly fishing

Shadow boxes are a great way to display sport jerseys.

Think outside the box!  Special collections can be featured in unique ways.