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Framing textiles can be a wonderful way to preserve and share family heirlooms or to show-off your own talent and hard work.

Needlepoint by Sylvia This vivid needlepoint clearly demonstrates the advantages of professional framing.  We matched the colors in the textile with mats and used a deep gold frame to enhance this work.  It is stunning when hung on the wall.

This crocheted  piece was sew mounted to a blue suede matboard and framed in a moulding that echoed  the texture and color.

An authentic Persian rug from an extraordinary vacation was sewn by hand onto sueded mat board.  This this case the textile was not encased in glass, but allowed to breathe.  It is a simple matter to vacuum occasionally to remove any dust.
Quilt This hand-made quilt was made by Native American craftspersons.  It too was hand sewn onto matboard, and in this case glass was used to protect the satin from dust and fading.