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Here are some stories from our customers:

Creative moms at Glenelg Country School came up with this unique class project... Each child personalized a small canvas using the school colors.  Now they needed to connect 29 paintings to each other.  With the help of Art Partners, the mothers used special mending bars to attach each canvas to the other.  When they were all attached, it was framed  at Art Partners in a simple but dramatic float frame. 

A proud mom and dad brought in the materials and the idea for this project.  Art Partners helped make it happen. This mom and dad collected a postcard and a decal for each of the colleges and universities their children attended. With six children, this was the most challenging part.  We mounted them between two sheets of glass to create a unique and special momento.     Decals and Postcards
Nickelback What a great mom!  As a gift for her sons she bought the poster of the band at their first concert. She also saved the ticket stubs, passes and photos, and asked us to put it together in a graphite black frame. A special event made even more memorable.

Clair was an intern at Smithsonian Folkways, the non-profit record label of the Smithsonian Institution.  Interns came across old album art in the archives and after saving pieces  to be archived, Clair was able to  salvage leftovers before they were thrown out. These examples of album  art were designed by Ronald Clyne in the 1960s and 1970s. His designs were printed on inexpensive  colored paper and were glued to blank LP sleeves as needed. Clair thinks they look beautiful framed and is excited to hang them in her new apartment!   

Boarmans Gas Pump

We restored this old picture of the gasoline pumps outside of Boarman's Market in Highland Maryland as part of a tribute to the Boarmans for all their contributions and support they have given to Highland and "Highland Days".  What a treat to see how Highland has changed,

Map of Hike of a Lifetime

An Eagle Scout came in with a large map of the hike he and his dad, the Scout Master, had completed.  We mounted one picture for each stop they made, and he traced the trail they took.  A group photo and an inset map of the area completed the project.  What a great way to say Thank You Dad!



An open window and a summer storm damaged this photo of Grandpa Sam.  As a gift for Grandma we digitally restored the photo (and even took out a few age spots!)  Grandma Rose loved it.