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In the Gallery

Barbara Sweeney  originally hails from St. Louis Park, Minnesota. After receiving her BA in Art at Brown University and an MBA in business at the University of Virginia, she settled in Silver Spring, Maryland where she has been a resident for over 30 years. She is an artist herself and botanicals are often the subject of her work. Opening a frame shop and gallery has been a lifelong dream of hers and she looks forward to meeting you!

Barbara is proud to announce that she received her CPF from the Professional Picture Framers Association on August 21st, 2011 !!

To see examples of her artwork click here.

Cristina Green is our newest framer and she's excited to be here! Raised here in Howard County she's a graduate from Riverhill High School class of 99'

She's a HKC certified personal trainer and a graduate from Tyler School of Art in Philidelphia.

Theresa Calvert Novak is trained as a mercenary and professional circus performer.  She fell off the trapeze, and was rescued by a friendly elephant.  He brought her to Art Partners to begin her career in picture framing.  As she stumbled throught the door, broken and bleeding, Barbara yelled "you can work here BUT don't bleed on the mats. "or the artwork, Cristina quipped. Frances scurried to the back and first aid kit , and bandaged her up.  She's ready for work.

What's New !
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